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I am pleased to know that you are taking the time to learn more about the Law Firm of Cheryl A. Merritt-Giles, PLLC.   As the sole practitioner in this law firm, my experience has spanned over 25 years as a corporate executive in Human Resources Management, Labor Relations, Corporate Compliance/In-House Counsel in Health Care, Civil Litigation and presently as an Administrative Law Judge. The common denominator in every professional role that I held throughout my career, is people, education and advocating for them and guiding them through making educated and well-informed life decisions.  In addition to my professional roles, I spent 15 + years as a caretaker for my immediate and extended family members.

In 2017, a long-time elderly friend of the family sat me down and said, “I watched you take care of your mother, grandmother and your brother, will you please look out for me?”  Without delay, I completed and executed their estate planning documents.  Within that year, my family friend and client was diagnosed with physical comorbidities and dementia.  As a result of my commitment, zealous advocacy in crisis planning equipped with personalized and competent services, I honored my client’s wishes, protected their hard-earned assets while they continue to receive the appropriate medical care under Medicare and Medicaid along with the peace of mind of staying in their own home.  This experience coupled with the reflection on other  similar caretaking scenarios over the last 15 years, has helped me to realize that caring for, educating and advocating for the elderly, disabled and individuals with special needs has been my life long calling, not a job.

Perhaps, thinking of aging, disability or death is not a priority for you. It isn’t for any of us, but it is happening every day. Consider these 2017 statistics, there is the likelihood of disability over death before the age of 65.  By 2035, there will be 78 million people over the age of 65 and more than 76 million under the age of 18. Older people are projected to outnumber younger people. Life expectancy is 78.6 years.  Planning can make the reality a little easier to embrace.

At the Law Firm of Cheryl A. Merritt-Giles, PLLC, I will use my education,  experience, competency, caring and compassion to serve you in your legal needs in Estate Planning, Advance Medicaid Planning and Emergency Medicaid Strategies in your life.

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