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What is Medicaid?

In the United States, Medicaid provides comprehensive health insurance as well as financial protection for millions of Americans. The program helps low-income families, individuals, and people with disabilities receive adequate health care and provides nursing home or community long-term care…

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Medicaid Waivers and In-Home Nursing Facilities

If you believe you won't qualify for long-term care benefits under Medicaid's strict income and asset limits, think again. Medicaid waivers for in-home care are available for those who meet health eligibility rules for nursing home facility services. To determine…

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The Benefits of Having an Elder Law Attorney

There are currently more than 51 million seniors in the United States, and the number is steadily increasing due to medical developments and technological advancements that allow seniors to live longer and better lives. The expanding needs of the US…

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Memory Care for Alzheimer’s Patients

Many elderly Americans suffer from Alzheimer’s disease, a progressive neurologic disorder marked by a steady decline in cognitive, behavioral, and social skills. Initial symptoms are often mistaken for normal aging and include problems with language, mood swings, disorientation, loss of…

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When is it Okay to Plan for Medicaid crisis planning?

Medicaid is a joint state and federal program available to individuals who meet certain asset requirements that help them pay for long-term care (LTC) costs. Long-term care often creates devastating financial impacts on Americans, particularly the elderly, and for those…

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