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Insights into the Changing Landscape of Memory Care

Providing memory care needs is a booming market opportunity for specialized facilities. The number of adults with cognitive impairments is increasing, but the number of caregivers is decreasing, which requires more innovative solutions. While some facilities are stand-alone solutions for…

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Medicaid Waivers and In-Home Nursing Facilities

If you believe you won't qualify for long-term care benefits under Medicaid's strict income and asset limits, think again. Medicaid waivers for in-home care are available for those who meet health eligibility rules for nursing home facility services. To determine…

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Alzheimer’s Patients and Memory Care Living

Approximately two-thirds of all diagnosed cases of dementia are suffering from Alzheimer's disease according to reports published by The National Institute of Health (NIH) Library of Medicine. Alzheimer’s is also one of the most expensive diseases to treat and often…

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Nursing Homes and COVID-19 Deaths

Because aging Americans are more susceptible to the coronavirus, deaths in this age group are high. Although nursing home residents are less than one percent of the total US population, according to a report from the CDC, they account for…

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