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Estate Planning Mistakes to Avoid

Having an estate plan ensures that your assets, interests, and those you care about are protected after you die. Unfortunately, many individuals make costly mistakes without proper advice and guidance from a qualified estate planner. Beyond undermining your intent and…

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Understanding End-of-Life Care

While it is sobering to have open and honest discussions with family members about mortality, it is prudent to do so. No one relishes the thought of their demise, and yet with forethought, you can ensure that your estate plan…

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Choosing Your Power of Attorney

A power of attorney is important when planning for the possibility of becoming incapacitated and needing a trusted agent to manage your affairs. These legal documents can grant broad authority to one or more power of attorney agents to transact…

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Senior Planning May

How To Plan for the Future as a Senior

Among older adults, estate planning is considered very significant. The majority of Americans over 55 do not have a will, and fewer still have a living will or a health care directive. Providing the end-of-life wishes you desire is easier…

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