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Getting Out of the Medicaid Penalty Period

Nursing home care, assisted living, in-home care, and adult foster care are covered by Medicaid if an individual meets the income and assets thresholds. As a result of these rules, many candidates give away their money and resources to qualify.…

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Trends in Senior Living for 2023

Increasingly, senior consumers are focusing on wellness and affordable solutions to improve and maintain greater physical and mental health. For seniors to thrive and flourish in retirement, technology and reliance on community and home-centered care is a game changer for…

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Medicaid Gift Penalty: An Overview

People are living longer than previous generations in the US and around the world, so many of us will need long-term care in the future. It’s estimated that seven out of ten Americans will need long-term care during their lives.…

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Introducing SECURE 2.0 in 2023

SECURE (Setting Every Community Up for Retirement Enhancement Act) introduced the first major changes to retirement legislation since 2006's Pension Protection Act. The impact of the SECURE Act on some retirees, near-retirees, and their future beneficiaries may significantly affect you,…

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Why Health Care Directives Are Important

In some cases, disease, injury, or illness can prevent people from communicating their needs and wants. When this happens, they need someone they trust to advocate for them. You can prepare the proper legal documents in advance. Losing the Ability…

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Understanding End-of-Life Care

While it is sobering to have open and honest discussions with family members about mortality, it is prudent to do so. No one relishes the thought of their demise, and yet with forethought, you can ensure that your estate plan…

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